Portfolio: Sense Technologies, Inc.

Local inventor Lowell Martinson invented a safety mirror which works with a car or SUV’s internal rear-view mirror to provide drivers with a 270-degree view of what’s behind them. This gave them an extra measure of safety when pulling out of parking spaces in crowded parking lots, or backing out of driveways that were flanked with high shrubbery. ScopeOut let drivers see what was coming up behind the car when it was backing out. The driver got a view that would have otherwise been obscured by walls, large vehicles or shrubbery blocking the view of what was coming up and down the street behind the vehicle. Because more than 400 children die each year as a result of back-up injuries, the company joined forces with Kids n Cars and other safety organizations to draw attention to the national problem. The company also had a radar-based backup system.  They worked with NHTSA and gained publicity for their products in local and national papers.