Portfolio: Second Largest Arizona Behavioral Healthcare Provider – Outpatient Rehab Program

In collaboration with the Michael Harris Group, we worked with the second largest public behavioral health provider in Arizona to help launch a campaign to recognize their proprietary out-patient drug rehab program, created for opiate addiction. In conjunction, we produced a bi-monthly radio show led by their Chief Medical Office and guests on the many issues pertaining to addiction. The show ran for 6 months. We promoted the program through social media, local online bulletin boards other web sources. In conjunction, BWPR, Inc. prepared bylined articles for senior staff members, which were published in targeted media for the Maricopa County dental and medical communities. We promoted all aspects of news related to opiate drug addiction and submitted Letters to the Editor, which appeared in the Arizona Republic on behalf of the CEO, educating and informing the community of different aspects pertaining to the opiate crises.